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Burnout and your Wellbeing

Burnout and your Wellbeing

People throw the term ‘burnout’ around often, but do you know what it really means, how you can identify it, to maintain your wellbeing, and what to do if you suspect you might be suffering from it?

Wellbeing and workplace coaching

Sterkla: Shaping Workplace Coaching

Whilst remote working was fast becoming a trend in many industries pre-Covid, the recent pandemic accelerated this trend in the workplace environment significantly. Wellbeing no longer sits separately from work life and personal life, but rather is part and parcel of our lives, with business success relying heavily on the wellbeing of its employees.

Wellbeing at work

Leading a Culture of Wellbeing

With the accelerated rate of change and the ever increasing complexity of our world, we are most certainly in unchartered

Building Healthy Daily Habits

Bite Sized Leadership Tips

A little insight into dealing with strong personalities in your work environment and business teams. Thanks to Belinda Ujani for sharing this with Sterkla – you can find Belinda Ujani, a leadership coach on the Sterkla App!

Coaching Overview

A [Brief] Overview of Coaching

What is Coaching? Coaching is defined by its practice and its results. Coaching is ‘a series of intentional conversations that empower

A vision worthy of you
Be Inspired

A Vision Worthy of You

How do you speak about yourself? Do you use words that build yourself up or break you down. Be consciously aware of the way you treat yourself and watch your life be transformed.

Key Decisions That May Have You Trapped

While we make decisions all the time, Key Decisions are decisions that will direct and affect all areas of our life, and usually happen when we are faced with a highly emotionally charged situation and make a decision in that moment.

Life Lessons from a 90 year old
Be Inspired

Be Inspired by these life lessons

Life lessons from 90 year-old Regina Brett of Cleveland, Ohio. Read on if you need a little inspiration for the day or week ahead.

9 signs you're working with a coach

9 Signs You’re Working With a Coach

A few things to look out for in someone who is working with a coach and a few reason why you should work with a coach for a more fulfilled life.

Engaging Employees To Create Collaborative Teams

Engaging Employees to Create Collaborative Teams

As our focus shifts from just doing a job, to recognizing and appreciating the unique value we have to offer through building and developing our natural strengths, the attitude of protecting our turf becomes irrelevant

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