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The Value Of Coaches And Mentors

The value of coaches and mentors

At a recent seminar focussed on women in leadership, the consensus was reached that most successful women rate having a mentor very high in the battle to reach the top. This raises the question: just how many of these mentors were women?

Practicing Faith

Faith is something that is spoken about a lot, especially in times of difficulty. And while it is often spoken

How to rethink your business

Now is the time to let go of any sentimental attachment to what your business does, and connect with the

Are You Navigating Retirement?

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Retirement planning with a coach

Retirement Coaching for your Next Career – Lynda Smith

The crossroads for this retirement ‘extra’ season will look different for each person. We are unique and working with a coach who understands the impact of longevity and technology can make a significant difference to an individual.

Evolution of Human Consciousness

Evolution of Human Consciousness

Starting with biological, then psychological and finally moving to spiritual, Dr Claudius van Wyk discusses the evolution of the human consciousness

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