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Coaching Overview

A [Brief] Overview of Coaching

What is Coaching? Coaching is defined by its practice and its results. Coaching is ‘a series of intentional conversations that empower

Engaging Employees To Create Collaborative Teams

Engaging Employees to Create Collaborative Teams

As our focus shifts from just doing a job, to recognizing and appreciating the unique value we have to offer through building and developing our natural strengths, the attitude of protecting our turf becomes irrelevant

Apocalypse Or Spiritual Awakening_

Apocalypse or Spiritual Awakening?

Why is it that a lot of people these days are talking about there being a spiritual awakening happening on the planet when clearly the world is a mess right now….

The Value Of Coaches And Mentors

The value of coaches and mentors

At a recent seminar focussed on women in leadership, the consensus was reached that most successful women rate having a mentor very high in the battle to reach the top. This raises the question: just how many of these mentors were women?

Retirement planning with a coach

Retirement Coaching for your Next Career – Lynda Smith

The crossroads for this retirement ‘extra’ season will look different for each person. We are unique and working with a coach who understands the impact of longevity and technology can make a significant difference to an individual.

Choosing a Coach

How to Choose a Coach

Just like not all doctors are created equal, nor are life coaches. Check out this list of points to be aware of before surrendering your vulnerabilities into the hands of a stranger.

Coaching leading in a VUCA world

Coaching (leading) in a VUCA World

Referred to as VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the current global context. This enormous instability has caused many to shrink into old fear driven survival patterns.

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