Certified or Qualified Coach

Sterkla is for you!

Sterkla is a marketplace connecting users with certified or qualified Coaches.

On opening the app or web portal, users are easily able to:

  • Search and find you
  • Follow you and engage with your posts
  • Buy your online courses 
  • Connect with you via paid live-video calling (all from within the app or web portal)

How does billing work?

We take the hassle out of billing admin for you. Courses and video call costs are deducted from the user’s credit card via our payment gateway, powered by Stripe.


As a Coach you create a signature course on sign-up. You are able to create a secondary revenue stream through multiple Courses, which members can purchase. This allows users to learn from your expertise while giving you the opportunity to build your credibility and following.

How do I build a following?

A rating system between Coaches and clients, encourages good quality leadership, and helps you to establish yourself as a top-rated Coach in your chosen field of expertise.

Can I Manage My Business on Sterkla?

Yes! Sterkla gives you control of the hours you work, with an in-built scheduling system - easily synced to your Google Calendar. Sterkla also allows you to take notes and share documents in-app as well as share your screen during video calls.

At Sterkla, we understand that finding new clients can be difficult and often not your area of expertise. Let us connect you with clients across the globe, helping you reach a broader audience, while you focus on business at-hand.


Only pay when you coach. (Keep 75% of your fee, and keep 100% (-5% transaction fee) when you invite existing clients.)
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