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Retirement planning with a coach

We live in a world that is changing significantly. The convergence of technology and longevity is changing what the world of work looks like. This brings both opportunity and challenge, depending on one’s skills, health and attitude.

According to academics, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott, we are living on average 30 years longer than our great grandparents. This means that one is likely to have an extra season of good health before one becomes impacted by aging disease. The term in the world now is one of “younger old” and older old”. The gift of this extra season means that we need to shift our mindset and navigate and plan what our path may look like. 

The crossroads for this extra season will look different for each person. We are unique and working with a coach who understands the impact of longevity and technology can make a significant difference to an individual. There are many factors to take into consideration. To name a few: health, finances, family, work, purpose, technology and where one should live. We arrive at this crossroads with skills, experience, character and a unique history. 

Technology has changed the way we work, play and live. In previous generations, individuals died earlier due to more physical labour and a lack of health solutions. This is no longer the case and with lifelong learning we can open ourselves to new skills and ways to work, connect and communicate in ways that were not possible in the past. A coach can help you to bring these factors into consideration while mapping your next season.

The convergence of technology and longevity open many innovative solutions for the 50plus generation.  This generation has worked and developed skills over the past 30 years and hopefully has saved for this season. The opportunity to live a rich, blended life of some work, volunteering, travel and family time is possible. A coach can help their client to understand what they don’t see, ask the tough questions and be a mirror of reflection on this journey. The lessons we learnt from our parents and grandparents in this season could be blocking our mindset and not allowing us to create the best future for ourselves.

We live in exciting times. Our work as coaches can add such value to our clients. We too need to keep learning and understanding how much the world around us is shifting. Each generation is currently experiencing these new shifts from their world perspective. We are all impacted. I love to believe that everyday we can help others to live their best life. This life lives in a 21st century world.

By Lynda Smith – Retirement Coach

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