Sterkla Corporate Coaching Journeys: Benefit your Business through Corporate Coaching

Sterkla Corporate Coaching Journeys

In the last decade, professional coaching has gained traction across both industries and countries. It’s no surprise that leaders across the globe are realizing the value of corporate coaching for themselves, their teams, and their employees who are the backbone of their business success, when you consider the massive changes that we, as humans, have encountered since the turn of the century.

The Need for Corporate Coaching

Between natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and the digital revolution (or the fourth industrial revolution/4IR), we are experiencing exponential change. This change has forced us to assess and reassess not only our careers but our values and purpose – why are we here? What difference are we making in our lives and the broader world? And, how do we build a life and business that speaks firmly to our inner wellbeing?

Sterkla Corporate Coaching Journeys

At Sterkla, we realized the need for coaching to be made more readily available to all. So many people are limited by conditioned thinking, unable to fully live out their purpose due to simply being unconscious of their unique gifts, true purpose, and ability.

Sterkla Corporate Coaching Journeys answer the corporate coaching needs within the business environment, allowing you to implement coaching across your entire organization or just to a few individuals.  Our Journey’s feature means that you have the freedom to easily make coaching available to your employees with either a top down or bottom up approach.  A top down approach gives you control of narrowing the focus of the coaching toward specific business needs, whereas a bottom-up approach allows your employees to select coaches for self identified needs and promotes wellbeing.

A strong benefit to Sterkla’s offering is our unique pricing model.  No subscriptions or contracts to keep you locked in; setting up your account on Sterkla is free, and you only pay for the coaching that takes place. We also let you have a say in what you pay per coaching session. This is done after you’ve selected the coaches you’d like to participate in your coaching journey. Sterkla provides you with a suggested price range, based on the hourly rate of these chosen coaches.

Once you’re all set-up with your corporate coaching journey, you’re ready to invite your employees. Sterkla’s automated process does the heavy lifting for you, so you can sit back and let the coaching begin. So much so, that your employees can scan through the coaches you’ve selected, and choose their coach, based on their needs and personal chemistry with the coach.

All that’s left for you to do is track progress and feedback, and watch the results of an engaged workforce, who have their needs met, and feel fulfilled, and heard.

Our Corporate Coaching Journey Process

To recap, here’s a brief summary of Sterkla’s customized corporate coaching journey process:

  • You begin creating your corporate coaching journey for your business via your own Sterkla dashboard. adding your journey title, description, and detail.
  • As part of this creation, you will select how many coaching sessions are required throughout your employees’ coaching journey, and the time of each session (30 minutes / 60 minutes).
  • Your next step is to select and filter coaches based on area of expertise, gender, tool or approach methodology, and coaching accreditation.
  • Our unique pricing model will suggest a price range in which to set your hourly coaching rate.
  • Based on your selected rate, the relevant coaches whose price falls within this, will be invited to participate in the journey.
  • Inviting coaches to participate in your corporate coaching journey is as simple as clicking an ‘Invite coaches’ button from your Sterkla dashboard.
  • Once you’ve done this, it’s time to invite employees. This can be done individually or as a bulk upload and invite.
  • We will assist with a LIVE introduction and kick-off session, to clearly explain the process to those involved.
  • You’re all set! Track progress and feedback on the coaching and journey through the Sterkla app and start reaping the benefits of a purpose-driven workforce.

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