Sterkla: Shaping Workplace Coaching

Wellbeing and workplace coaching

It’s no surprise that the world of work and office environments have significantly altered over the last 2 years. Whilst remote working was fast becoming a trend in many industries pre-Covid, the recent pandemic accelerated this trend in the workplace environment significantly. Wellbeing no longer sits separately from work life and personal life, but rather is part and parcel of our lives, with business success relying heavily on the wellbeing of its employees. The world of work and how we view it has a ‘new normal’.

According to a study from Clear Company 74% of workers say that a lack of employee development opportunities prevents them from reaching their full potential. Each and every one of us is created uniquely, with different responses to external stimuli. Not everyone thrives under adverse conditions, and the pandemic has taught us that uncertainty is in fact, the only certainty.

Keeping in mind that employee wellbeing has been identified as a distinguishing factor in an organisation’s overall success, how does a place of business ensure that their employees are supported adequately, in order to be successful in both their professional and personal lives?

Whilst instilling a corporate culture and nurturing employees with well structured development programmes are both key drivers in ensuring employee and business success, it’s imperative that we include in this, trained professionals, who are able to meet the varying needs of many employees. That’s where professional coaching comes in.

A coach is trained to guide and ask the right questions of individuals, in order to help them find the answers and realisations for themselves. Being conscious of what is working, and what is not working, helps one move forward in the right direction. However one coach within a workforce that is one hundred strong, can never meet the needs of each unique individual.

Sterkla provides a platform with many professional coaches specialising in different coaching categories and skill sets, who provide the tools needed for conscious awakening. Sterkla is geared toward making coaching simple, accessible and effective to use for workforces of varying sizes, the world over.

Some benefits of Sterkla for your business include:

  • Improved employee performance and wellbeing, through growth and self-development.
  • Multiple coaches across various coaching categories to meet individual needs.
  • Securely managed dashboard, allows you to view and track employee development.
  • One point of contact to facilitate employee wellbeing either through your HR department or employee engagement agency.
  • Billing securely managed through Stripe, in your local country currency.
  • Individual? Sign-up and start your own journey to greater wellbeing!

We believe in designing wellbeing into the workplace. A professionally, mentally and emotionally nurtured workforce, is a powerful workforce, and the corporate culture that these individuals generate is attractive. In an economy where ‘the great resignation’ is a much spoken topic, looking after your employees results in retaining top talent, and that is incredibly valuable.

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