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Building Healthy Daily Habits

Bite Sized Leadership Tips

A little insight into dealing with strong personalities in your work environment and business teams. Thanks to Belinda Ujani for sharing this with Sterkla – you can find Belinda Ujani, a leadership coach on the Sterkla App!

How to rethink your business

Now is the time to let go of any sentimental attachment to what your business does, and connect with the

Evolution of Human Consciousness

Evolution of Human Consciousness

Starting with biological, then psychological and finally moving to spiritual, Dr Claudius van Wyk discusses the evolution of the human consciousness

Coaching leading in a VUCA world

Coaching (leading) in a VUCA World

Referred to as VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the current global context. This enormous instability has caused many to shrink into old fear driven survival patterns.

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